7 Exhibition stall design ideas you should try for better results!

It takes a significant time and financial commitment to create and build an exhibition stall. Since the investment must be profitable, it is essential to get things right. In order to get the most leads out of the project for your brand, it is also essential that the exhibition stall design for your brand attracts the greatest attention from visitors. To create the ideal exhibition stall design, you must think creatively. This blog features the Masterminds 7 exhibition design suggestions that you should use for the best outcomes:

1. Consider a Small Exhibition Stall Design :
It’s important to understand that not all large exhibition stalls are excellent, even though that shouldn’t be the case for all brands’ exhibition stall designs. By giving visitors a memorable experience, even a small exhibition booth can make an impact.

2. Authentic stall layout :
Of course, you can be creative even before designing an exhibition stall to represent your brand. You can also have a design that creates a real-life experience, such as an exhibition stall that appears to be alive.

3. Make the exhibition stall design flexible :
Building an exhibition stall design is a significant investment, so you want to make the most of the tools for as long as possible. The exhibition stalls are typically 1010, 1020, and 2020 in size. If you can design an exhibition stall that would work for all three types of layouts, you will have the opportunity to use the same exhibition stall design for various projects.

4. Color Schemes for Stall Designs :
You can use bright colors to stand out at the exhibition hall, but keep your palette to no more than three colors. It will be better if you use the colors that your brand is known for. If you use too many images, your exhibition stall design will lose its impact. To communicate your brand’s message, pick fewer but more effective images.

5. Make your exhibition stall designs more digital :
You must have at least one digital screen with a brand advertisement on it, though a product demonstration video is preferable. This is a flexible communication medium that allows you to alter the message you want to convey to a specific audience. You can also use the large screen to make quick presentation.

6. Include stunning texture and lighting :
The visitors to your exhibition stall should find it appealing. You could try combining patterns and materials. Some wooden chairs go well with steel tables. The colored lighting can alter the appearance of your exhibit, and you can, of course, turn it off as needed.

7. Consider an indoor outdoor design :
Your exhibition stall will require some natural light and ventilation. It can be created artificially. Include eco-friendly elements in your exhibition stall. It will not only provide a positive experience, but it will also portray your brand as environmentally conscious.

The best way to showcase your product and present your brand as creative is through an exhibition stall. So these are 7 exhibition stall design ideas you should try for better results. Masterminds offer you the complete exhibition related services from design to execution. Get in touch with us for your next exhibition.

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