About Us

Begun in 1993, Masterminds Media Associates is now celebrating its 29th year in business. Masterminds Media Associates was a result of the breakdown of Masterminds Media Pvt. Ltd., which itself was set up by Samir Manocha in 1989. The core objective of the company then as now happens to be the ability to offer tangible advertising opportunities in new and emerging media.

It all started with exploiting video cassettes of popular Hindi and Regional Films as a viable media vehicle to clients starved of advertising options and opportunities. Having innovated the use of the medium to the extent of creating irremovable, non-fast forwarding, sticky animations, songs and scene sponsorships to enhance visibility and recall value for the advertised products.

The summer of 1995, saw us venturing into the Television Industry, selling sponsored programs to advertisers in the newly emerging satellite channels and a more vibrant Doordarshan; the state run television station. This era saw us handling some of the biggest advertisers as sponsors. This helped us develop our network of clients, agencies, producers for whom Masterminds Media Associates was a reliable source of high quality programming


The summer of 2002; why does everything happen during the summer! was another turning point for the company. Masterminds Media Associates, tentatively and hesitatingly began its Events Division…a business sector that was highly disorganized, fragmented and a relatively nascent industry.

One of our first ventures was managing a fusion band named ‘Tapasya’ and organizing gigs for the same. This saw us endeavoring to make an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, with a 25 hour non-stop Tabla performance. Well covered by local and national media, Masterminds was all set to explore the events industry.

Shoppers Stop was the first destination and Parikrama the 18th day in-house event of Shoppers Stop celebrating Indian dance, art and craft was our first major success. From then on, Masterminds has been slowly but surely making inroads into the various facets of the events industry, with retail, corporate and promotional events. Masterminds Events prides itself on being one of the few agencies that provide more to clients than what is available by thinking out of the box and giving new meaning to the mundane, routine events.

Yet again the summer of 2004 saw us setting up a production house and with the Zandu Balm television commercial, Mastermind Production was born. Since then, the production unit has achieved greater milestones and has produced some of the best Television Commercials, Documentaries and AVs for a whole host of MNCs as well as local giants.f

24 years later, Masterminds Media Associates, has grown into a Full Service Media House offering clients a whole plethora of services and opportunities that are highly beneficial, economical and efficient. We are always on the lookout to challenge ourselves in any new venture that offers us scope to improve on our existing services, enhance our value both monetarily and intellectually.

We are open to tie ups, strategic alliances, newer ventures, demanding assignments as long as you can, as Jerry McGuire puts it, “Show me the Money”

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